Which Home Builder Is Right For You? Custom or Production

Which Home Builder Is Right For You? Custom or Production

There are so many people in the world who plan on building their new home. But there is one question everyone is asking. Should we hire a production or a custom home builder?

this picture shows which home builder is right for you a worker inside a building being constructed

Custom Builders

Sometimes people have a desire to build a different home, a luxurious home which consists of elegant designs. Moreover, the person wants to be the one who builds it. Then I suggest that you choose custom builders. There are many advantages of hiring a custom builder such as:

  • You can design the wall and floor plans.
  • Your designer will have to consult you regarding every small aspect of the house.
  • Making important decisions will be your responsibility.
  • You get to pick from a range of products.
this image shows a worker


Building custom is more expensive, if you select high-quality products then obviously you will have to pay more for them. Even the workers will demand a higher wage because they are not doing their regular routine work but are working efficiently and adapting to the changes you make. Most people hire custom Builders to build a ranch style house because it is cheaper than building a multi-story house.

Production Builders

The thought process of production Builders is very different. The managers will show you sample pictures of a wide range of houses and you will have to decide and pick one. Then the workers will start building the house to choose. They have regular working hours. The materials used to build your new home will not be low quality but they won’t be high quality. There are many advantages when you hire a production builder such as:

  • The company will offer you a combined package of land plus a house.
  • You will get to pick a design from their portfolio.
  • You will also get to pick a sample house from their portfolio.
  • The price will be fixed.


Since production builders use regular quality materials and their workers work in a systemized form, the price of building a house is cheaper than a custom built home. There is another reason why production homes are cheap, there is almost no wastage of materials so they don’t require any excess materials such as cement or tiles. Production builders are very experienced. So these are the differences between custom and production builders, choose carefully when building a home.