How to Become an Elevator Technician in Phoenix

How to Become an Elevator Technician in Phoenix

Elevator technician repair and install escalators, elevators, chairlifts and other electronic transportation equipment’s. Elevator technicians may need to attach electrical wires or make braking and control system adjustments as well as electrical motor switches. Preventive maintenance is also performed by Elevator Technicians. Technicians also have to solve problems on call for emergency repairs.

If you want to become an elevator technician, the stamina and physical strength are very important. Strong troubleshooting and mechanical skills.

Becoming an elevator technician in Phoenix

Let’s discuss how you can become a good elevator technician in Phoenix.

this image shows an elevator for elevator technicians to create

Step 1: Complete an apprenticeship

The first step to enter in this field is an apprenticeship training program, it takes 5 years to complete. Apprenticeship training provides you on-the-job training and classroom lessons. You must have a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification. During the apprenticeship training, the apprentices are compensated for on-the-job training. They work with experienced workers to learn and watch the trade before they start performing the work. They have to learn all the necessary skill set to be a successful elevator technician.

Apprentices learn safety precautions, blueprint reading, etc. The aspiring technician can get an apprenticeship from a local business or union. Apprenticeship training also offered by educational institutes and colleges. Elevator technicians have to lift very heavy equipment’s and tools, therefore, they have to develop a good fitness plan. Developing a strong fitness regimen may help technicians to stay physically fit and can perform jobs comfortably and avoid common injuries of this trade.

Step 2: Obtain the necessary license

Elevators Technicians must have a license to work, in different states, they have different rules to gain a license to work as an elevator technician. This license makes the public safety secure because the lives of the people depend on the elevator technician who uses these elevators. Exams for obtaining a license is into written format and also test your knowledge of part specification, installation procedures, and technical limitations.

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Step 3: Consider certification

The employers may look for technicians with great credentials that continuously validate their skills and proficiency. So the voluntary certificates might help you when looking for employment. The National Association (NAEC) offer voluntary certification for elevator technicians, like CET, and CAT, to earn these courses you must complete a training program with having previous experience and pass the exam successfully. So if you want to kick start your career as an elevator technician you must consider certification.