How To Become A Firefighter in Phoenix

How To Become A Firefighter in Phoenix

Firefighters fight against the fire or any type of emergency and depend on most advanced equipment and tools to control the situation. If you want to become a firefighter in Phoenix, in this article we are going to discuss briefly how you can become a firefighter in Phoenix.

Step 1: Get Basic Requirements

If you are seeking to become a firefighter, you must have a high school diploma and a valid driving license. The minimum age requirement is 18 years to work as a firefighter. Physical fitness level is also considered and you have to pass a physical fitness test. Also, you have to pass drug screening and criminal background test.

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Step 2: Take the Test

Typically, firefighting departments participate in the recruitment fairs to hire new recruits. Fire departments host screening events to prospective firefighters take physical and written tests. The hiring process is lengthy and needs a lot of patience. Qualified applicants may go through additional testing and evaluation after the interview. To enter into the training program, the applicants must pass two exams including the physical and written test.

Step 3: Become an EMT

In some cases, having an EMT license is a must for firefighter’s requirement. Emergency Medical Technician can call out for the various medical situations. It’s a multi-level procedure, the requirements may vary by state.

Step 4: Attend Fire Academy

Thought a great deal of training don’t at the firehouses to which the firefighters are hired or assigned task. Attending the fire academy is a big opportunity to focus on hands-on exercises. Courses grab topics that may not cover by firehouses training, like anti-arson techniques and hazardous material control.

Step 5: Consider Formal Education

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If you are willing to go in paramedics, fire science, or an advanced leadership role within the firefighting agency, you have to attend associate and bachelor’s programs at the university, colleges and trade centers. Some fire groups host an accredited apprenticeship training program which combines field internship and class training and it takes four years to complete.

Step 6: Continue Learning

Some firehouse conducts weekly training programs for firefighters, to make them fight upcoming fire challenges and make them more competitive. Never stop learning its must to be a good firefighter. Keeping up with fire training is a very important part of this job. So continue learning and improve your knowledge and skills to be a good firefighter in Phoenix.